SC State House

Advice to New Legislators

So you’ve just been elected to the state legislature. Here are some things you should know and be prepared for. (These are based on my own experiences and observation in the political arena and are my own opinions, not those of any other individual or organization.) 1. This is not a career. This is not your identity. […]

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It’s Actually Not the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

The year was 1603. The previous monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, had just died with no direct heir and England had already endured years of instability. Elizabeth had taken the throne after the tumultuous reign of her half-sister, Mary I (also known as Bloody Mary), and had revived the fledgling English Reformation Mary had tried to […]

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Lessons from Napoleon: Statesmen Don’t Ask You To Ignore History

I am currently in the middle of the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, and was struck by what he said to the French legislature during his coup. At this particular moment, he was trying to convince the legislature to scrap the constitution and give him control of the French government: You are on a volcano. The […]

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Citizen’s Guide to Politician Talk

The Citizen’s Guide to Politician Talk

If only we had more politicians who thought for themselves, like Mayor Pike. If you pay any attention at all to politics, you’ve probably noticed that politicians speak a very specific language, refined over decades of political tradition specifically for the purpose of getting you to elect them and allow them to spend your money […]

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SC House Budget Proceedings

Lessons from the 2016 #SCBudget Debate

After a loooong day yesterday live-tweeting the #SCBudget debate, here are a few lessons/thoughts in no particular order (click here for an analysis of the original Ways and Means budget): 1. Mandating a certain amount of revenue every year for roads sounds like a good idea, but practically speaking it just won’t happen. Or the local government […]

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South Carolina Senate Roads Compromise

3 Reasons the Gas Tax Compromise Isn’t a Conservative Victory

Last week the Senate (temporarily) ended weeks of gridlock on the roads issue with a compromise amendment that removed the gas tax bill, among other things.

This may sound like a huge conservative victory, but unfortunately it isn’t. Here’s why.

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Ben Carson Carly Fiorina

Carson vs. Fiorina: Should a Muslim be President?

Believe it or not, Carson and Fiorina actually agree on this more than you might think. In spite of what you might be reading on Facebook, their positions do not disqualify either one from being a viable option for conservatives. I’m going to analyze their positions closely in just a minute, but first let’s set […]

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SC Confederate Flag

Additional Thoughts on the Confederate Flag Debate

When we Southerners do something, we do it big and loud. That includes scandal, drama, and controversy. As I’ve watched the ongoing Confederate flag debate since my last post, here are some additional thoughts that have come to mind, in no particular order. 1. This was a cultivated controversy. There wasn’t any talk about the Confederate […]

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South Carolina Confederate Flag

Why Removing the Confederate Flag Is the Wrong Response to the Charleston Shooting

There have been a number of responses to the tragic Charleston shooting earlier this week. There’s been an outpouring of grief, support, prayer, and most lately, renewed calls for the complete removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. This is understandable. The guy was obviously a white supremacist and his car had a […]

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Why I don’t support a Convention of States

Why I don’t support a Convention of States

There’s a lot of buzz about how a Convention of States (CoS) to amend the Constitution is the perfect solution for an out-of-control Federal government. The ugly truth, however, is that a Convention of States wouldn’t fix anything and would in all likelihood make things much worse. Here’s why.   1. The current Constitution isn’t […]

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