One Bad Vote?

I listened to an interesting conversation between some friends at dinner recently. The subject? Gresham Barrett’s one vote for the TARP bailout and his current run for Governor of SC. Congressman Barrett has consistently voted conservatively during his tenure in office, with that one major exception. And as you can easily imagine, that one vote… Continue reading One Bad Vote?

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From the Speaker of the House

I received this email a couple of weeks ago from Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the House of Representatives of South Carolina. “Dear Friends, Times are tough. But from the beginning of this legislative session, the South Carolina House Republican Caucus has been committed to growing South Carolina’s economy, creating jobs and making government more efficient.… Continue reading From the Speaker of the House

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In Henry’s Wake

The American Revolution was led by many heroes. It is a man of unusual caliber, however, who is a leader among heroes. Such a man was Patrick Henry. Henry was the de facto leader of the Thirteen Colonies during the years leading up to and immediately following the Revolutionary War. Often, readers of history will… Continue reading In Henry’s Wake

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