Great Analysis of the Mules and the Elephants

I came across this post by Douglas Wilson, and was blown away by how well he says what I’ve felt for a while. Great Article.

“The Helium Balloon of Their Core Principles
Topic: Obama Nation Building

“Gramsci was a commie in the early years who had a falling out with Lenin over strategy and tactics. Lenin wanted to seize power directly, right this minute, which he successfully did in certain backwater places. I mean hats off to him and all — he created quite a nuisance, and enslaved a good chunk of the world for the better part of a century. But Gramsci preferred what he called ‘the long march through the institutions,’ an approach which has been far more successful throughout the West, and looks to be with us far longer than the Cold War was.

“One of the most influential radicals in recent American history was named Saul Alinsky, a man very much in the mold of Gramsci. The fact that two of his downstream disciples are currently President of the United States and the Secretary of State is a testimony to his tactical genius. His Rules for Radicals is, as the subtitle declares, a ‘PRAGMATIC primer’ for ‘REALISTIC radicals,’ emphases mine….”

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