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Citizen’s Guide to Politician Talk

The Citizen’s Guide to Politician Talk

If only we had more politicians who thought for themselves, like Mayor Pike. If you pay any attention at all to politics, you’ve probably noticed that politicians speak a very specific language, refined over decades of political tradition specifically for the purpose of getting you to elect them and allow them to spend your money […]

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SC House Budget Proceedings

Lessons from the 2016 #SCBudget Debate

After a loooong day yesterday live-tweeting the #SCBudget debate, here are a few lessons/thoughts in no particular order (click here for an analysis of the original Ways and Means budget): 1. Mandating a certain amount of revenue every year for roads sounds like a good idea, but practically speaking it just won’t happen. Or the local government […]

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South Carolina Senate Roads Compromise

3 Reasons the Gas Tax Compromise Isn’t a Conservative Victory

Last week the Senate (temporarily) ended weeks of gridlock on the roads issue with a compromise amendment that removed the gas tax bill, among other things.

This may sound like a huge conservative victory, but unfortunately it isn’t. Here’s why.

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SC Confederate Flag

Additional Thoughts on the Confederate Flag Debate

When we Southerners do something, we do it big and loud. That includes scandal, drama, and controversy. As I’ve watched the ongoing Confederate flag debate since my last post, here are some additional thoughts that have come to mind, in no particular order. 1. This was a cultivated controversy. There wasn’t any talk about the Confederate […]

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South Carolina Confederate Flag

Why Removing the Confederate Flag Is the Wrong Response to the Charleston Shooting

There have been a number of responses to the tragic Charleston shooting earlier this week. There’s been an outpouring of grief, support, prayer, and most lately, renewed calls for the complete removal of the Confederate flag from the Statehouse grounds. This is understandable. The guy was obviously a white supremacist and his car had a […]

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Arizona gay inquisition

Arizona Refuses to Outlaw the Inquisition

“Do you recant?” The wizened friar hovered like a sepulchral fiend over the prostrate man. His naked form was stretched to its limit and tied across a wooden rack. His eyes were wide with terror and beads of sweat stood on his forehead, but he shook his head. “I can’t! Have mercy! I believe what […]

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Cartoon of fox guarding the hen house

Why Government Shouldn’t Pay for Education

I’m going to take a radical position on the subject of education: government, ideally, should have no role in it. At all. Zero. Zilch. Before anyone starts labeling me as a libertarian, let me explain. Education: essential to liberty I’m going to skip the whole role-of-government argument (this time). The fact is that everyone knows education is important. […]

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Thoughts on the Arizona Shooting

The Arizona shooting has sparked a firestorm of blame, finger-pointing, and vitriol courtesy of the left (I would add ‘and the media’, but it’s all the same thing). I’d like to make several observations: 1. All of Congresswoman Giffords’ political enemies have ditched their differences for the time being and are extending condolences, well wishes, […]

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Our Money, Our Freedom

Originally written as an Op-Ed to submit to our local paper. “SC loses $175 million Race to the Top education grant.” So ran the headline of a South Carolina Radio Network article a few weeks ago. It seems that a very competitive and lucrative education grant has slipped through our fingers – again. Superintendent of […]

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Highlights from Patriot Academy 2010

I had the tremendous privilege to return to Patriot Academy this year, this time in company with two of my siblings, Jonathon and Priscilla. Patriot Academy is always such an inspiring, educational, and helpful event, and this year was one of the best. Here are some of the highlights of the week: 1. Priscilla’s Immigration […]

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