Thoughts on the Arizona Shooting

The Arizona shooting has sparked a firestorm of blame, finger-pointing, and vitriol courtesy of the left (I would add ‘and the media’, but it’s all the same thing). I’d like to make several observations:

1. All of Congresswoman Giffords’ political enemies have ditched their differences for the time being and are extending condolences, well wishes, and calls for prayer for the Democratic Representative. Not the slightest mention of politics from any of them.

2. The media and members of the left-wing community immediately started blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc. faster’n you can say “Jackrabbit.” See who it was that started politicizing this tragedy? Giffords’ allies. With friends like these….

3. The shooter was kicked out of college until he got a mental health clearance assuring the school authorities that he was not a danger to himself and others. His favorite books included Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto, and Siddhartha. His YouTube and MySpace presence indicate that he was a crazy anti-government freak.

4. Militant terminology has been used in politics for ages. Know who said a GOP takeover of Congress would mean “hand to hand combat” and encouraged his base to “punish our enemies”?  Barack Obama. So why aren’t we all blaming him for this?

5. The shooter was reportedly using an automatic weapon, which have been outlawed by the Federal Government for years. How about that there gun control?

6. Why is heated political rhetoric so much more to blame for this than all the violent movies, music, video games, etc.? Apparently the former conditions young folks for violence, but the latter are innocuous forms of entertainment. (Thanks to Doug Wilson for pointing this out.)

7. There is one bright spot in this messy aftermath. Two Congressmen will now be carrying firearms in their district. Now THAT, my friends, is the correct response: personal responsibility and an armed populace!