Why Government Shouldn’t Pay for Education

Cartoon of fox guarding the hen house

I’m going to take a radical position on the subject of education: government, ideally, should have no role in it. At all. Zero. Zilch.

Before anyone starts labeling me as a libertarian, let me explain.

Education: essential to liberty

I’m going to skip the whole role-of-government argument (this time). The fact is that everyone knows education is important. The question is, why is it important?

The reason given by the Founders that education is essential to the public if they are to retain their liberty. How will they see through government propaganda if they’re not educated?

The premise behind this line of reasoning is that the people are the ultimate guardians of liberty – the enemy always being government’s natural tendency to turn oppressive.

Our system: fundamentally flawed

If the whole purpose of education is to protect ourselves from our government, putting government in charge of education makes no sense – it’s like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

This system is designed to brainwash students or leave them uneducated in the first place. Government, like everything else, looks after its own interests first, and that type of populace will offer little or no opposition to legal plunder and oppression.

What can we do?

This problem can’t be fixed with remedial legislation. Ultimately, the government has to get out of the education business. There’s nothing wrong with public education. Government just shouldn’t be paying for it, because whoever pays for it usually wants to control what’s taught.

Every step toward local control is an improvement. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education, so let’s get back to that.

It would be next to impossible to pry the Federal government’s fingers off education, let alone the states’. However, the first step toward the solution is recognizing the problem.

2 Responses to “Why Government Shouldn’t Pay for Education”

  1. I completely agree with your position on this Hannah. Have you ever watched “Monumental” by Kirk Cameron it’s an amazing documentary about the start of this nation and what the founding fathers wanted this nation to become.