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Why I don’t support a Convention of States

Why I don’t support a Convention of States

There’s a lot of buzz about how a Convention of States (CoS) to amend the Constitution is the perfect solution for an out-of-control Federal government. The ugly truth, however, is that a Convention of States wouldn’t fix anything and would in all likelihood make things much worse. Here’s why.   1. The current Constitution isn’t […]

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Lee Bright for SC Senate

Senate Candidate Analysis: Lee Bright

The South Carolina primary is less than a week away, and this analysis of Lee Bright is the next to the last article in my series analyzing the Graham challengers. This article is based on the criteria in my previous post, “What we need in a Graham challenger.” 1. Prior political victories – “A+” In my original […]

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Analysis of Bill Connor for US Senate

Senate Candidate Analysis: Bill Connor

Today I’m continuing the series of Senate candidate analyses with a look at Bill Connor (previous posts in the series are here and here). This is based on the criteria in my post from September, “What we need in a Graham challenger.” As always, I welcome your thoughts and perspective in the comments. 1. Previous […]

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Nancy Mace Senate Candidate

Senate Candidate Analysis: Nancy Mace

Next up in my series of Senate candidate analyses: Nancy Mace! As a reminder, this series is based on my post from September outlining the criteria needed in an effective Graham challenger. You can read the first post in the series here. 1. Prior political victories – “F” Nancy Mace is a first-time candidate and […]

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Richard Cash for Senate

Senate Candidate Analysis: Richard Cash

Several months ago I posted on what we need in an effective Graham challenger. Now that the field of candidates has shaped up pretty well, I’m going to start analyzing them according to the criteria in that post. Richard Cash was the first candidate to declare, so I’m going to start with him. 1. Prior […]

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What to look for in Lindsey Graham's challenger

What we need in a Graham Challenger

Now that candidates are lining up to challenge Graham in the next primary, it’s time to look for the candidate that we all need to coalesce behind. Here are seven characteristics that an effective challenger for Graham will need. I’ll be posting an analysis of each of the declared candidates based on these characteristics in […]

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#PrimaryGraham image opposing Lindsey Graham

Two mistakes that could re-elect Lindsey Graham

The day after Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster,  the super-popular hashtag #StandWithRand was joined by another: #PrimaryGraham. That hashtag sums up the rage that’s been building for a long time against Sen. Lindsey Graham. There’s a good chance of getting him out this time if conservatives don’t blow it with the following 2 mistakes. Mistake #1: Running […]

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Marco Rubio speaking

Statesmen Don’t Lay Low

Well, it looks like we’ve got another Vice-presidential hopeful – or could that possibly be someone just doing his duty? “To speak up or not to speak up?” Newly-elected Florida Senator Marco Rubio, according to headlines, is “stepping into the spotlight on debt fight.” Rubio was advised to lay low for a while, not to […]

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The Reward of Compromise

When President Bush and the Washington establishment were pushing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the four Republican Congressmen from South Carolina reportedly “held hands and jumped” and voted for the bill. Their reasoning? “They can’t vote us all out.” The midterm elections are now over, so let’s look at what happened to each of these […]

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Jim DeMint

DeMint: from Backbench to Conservative Kingmaker

When Jim DeMint stated some time back that he would rather have a small core group of true conservatives that a majority of RINOs, he drew sharp criticism from the GOP establishment and raised concern  in the minds of others, many of whom considered him on an impossible Don Quixote-esque mission against impossible odds. However, Jim […]

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