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Let’s send “Mr. Smith” to Washington

“Remember the first day you got here? Remember what you said about Mr. Lincoln? You said he was sitting up there waiting for someone to come along? You were right! He was waiting for a man who could see his job and sail into it, that’s what he was waiting for. A man who could […]

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The Real Healthcare Problem

The continuing thread throughout the Democrats’ healthcare speeches on the House floor is that the insurance companies are the bad guys, and they need to be cut down a notch or two. Here’s what the Democrats are missing: the free market system is successful only when it’s allowed to function in its entirety, free from […]

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One Bad Vote?

I listened to an interesting conversation between some friends at dinner recently. The subject? Gresham Barrett’s one vote for the TARP bailout and his current run for Governor of SC. Congressman Barrett has consistently voted conservatively during his tenure in office, with that one major exception. And as you can easily imagine, that one vote […]

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