In Henry’s Wake

The American Revolution was led by many heroes. It is a man of unusual caliber, however, who is a leader among heroes. Such a man was Patrick Henry. Henry was the de facto leader of the Thirteen Colonies during the years leading up to and immediately following the Revolutionary War. Often, readers of history will find different Founding Fathers asking what Patrick Henry’s views on a particular issue were before expressing their own. Henry was a man of stalwart character, keen insight, and fearless determination, and he was Providentially placed to lead the movement towards freedom.

At Henry’s death, the Virginia Gazette printed a moving eulogy that echoed the heartcry of all Virginia at the news. It concluded by saying, “…’Imitate my Henry.’”

As our country once again stands at a pivotal point in history, the Patriots of another generation must answer the call of duty. We follow in the wake of Henry and the other Founding Fathers, striving to emulate their example and courage as we carry on the struggle for freedom. This blog is the musings of a concerned citizen and patriot, striving to follow “in Henry’s wake”.

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