Conservative Infatuation: a disturbing tendency

Conservatives are like high school girls: they fall in love at the drop of a hat. There is a disturbing tendency among conservatives to make heroes too easily.

Example #1: Joe Wilson

Consider the case of Joe Wilson. Caught up in a self-described “town hall moment”, he shouted “You lie!” at the President when Obama was, in fact, lying. This uncharacteristic action made Wilson the overnight darling of the Tea Party.

What no one knew or took time to investigate was his Congressional record. Wilson was one of the four South Carolina Republicans who all held hands and voted for TARP, reasoning “They [the voters] can’t vote us all out.” [as an aside: three of those four Republicans will not be returning to Congress.]

Generally speaking, Wilson’s been a part of the problem in DC.

Example #2: Chris Christie

Also consider Chris Christie: the popular governor of New Jersey created an internet sensation with his no-nonsense solutions for dealing with the state deficit and his straight-talk to the whining liberals. It was music to the conservative’s soul to hear him tell a complaining teacher, “Well, you don’t have to take the job, you know.”

Unfortunately, Christie’s conservatism seems primarily limited to fiscal issues. He takes a more liberal approach to issues like immigration, education, and healthcare.

The Problem

The problem is not that people praised these actions. The trouble is that conservatives immediately lionized both of these men as soon as their actions hit the press. Tea Partiers fawned over them and wished they’d run for President. No one cared that we really knew very little about either one.

Applaudable actions should be applauded, no question about that. But what is it with the falling-head-over-heels-in-love with these guys just because they did something right? Many folks – good, honest, sincere folks – were ready to run away with them and live happily ever after.

The Cause

Is there a tremendous lack of discernment in conservative circles? Or is just doing the right thing so rare that we’ve become infatuated at the slightest demonstration?

The answer is yes.