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Abigail, Josiah, and Samuel with Georgia, the dog we adopted from the animal shelter.

Thou shalt not kill….the animals?

At our County Council meeting last night we heard an empathetic, passionate appeal to the audience’s emotions as the members of the local Humane Society pled to have a Standard Operating Procedure adopted at the local animal shelter – because “too many animals are being killed.” Words like “killed”, “euthanized”, “uncivilized”, “inhumane”, and even “holocaust” […]

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First Lady or First Woman?

Ever since her husband’s disgraceful scandal, South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford has been praised for the “grace and dignity with which she has handled this tragic situation”. Many appear to regard her as a true lady. While I certainly feel for her, I’m afraid I would disagree. A true lady understands when to speak and when […]

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