5 Reasons Americans Should Celebrate the Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton's official engagement portrait

1. The Prince is marrying a commoner.

No more of this “does-she-have-the-pedigree” nonsense from the Royals, present as recently as the marriage of William’s father, Prince Charles.

No, this royal bride has been selected because of her own merit, making her the first commoner to enter the Royal Family since 1660. And that is something to celebrate.

2. The institution of marriage has been honored.

This marriage hasn’t been sold a la Henry V (and all that), nor has Prince William been pressured into it to produce an heir. The marriage is being treated like, well, like a marriage instead of a horse-breeding deal, and is only going forward after careful thought.

Sure, it’s not been perfect, but it’s worlds better than, say, Henry VIII and his six wives (married, divorced, and murdered at will).

3. It’s free economic stimulus for England.

The Royal Wedding has attracted thousands of tourists, and many more (including yours truly – no, you don’t get any details) are proud possessors of Royal Wedding memorabilia.

England is suffering a recession too, and despite being in the EU they refused to adopt the Euro as their currency, so I am thrilled about this. And taxpayers aren’t paying for the wedding, so it’s a win-win situation at a time when England needs it.

4. It will help rekindle patriotism in England.

Americans don’t understand this, really, and there are certainly better ways to spark national feeling. I’m beyond thankful that Washington opted not to become America’s first king. But it seems that the Royal Family has become one of the main focal points of British national feeling, much like their flag.

England is no long fighting for just her heritage now, but for her very identity in the wave of Europeanism ushered in by her politicians. If the Royal Wedding helps our cousins to remember, even for a moment, that they are Englishmen, then I’m all for it. And who can help loving all those Union Jacks flying?

5. Barack and Michelle Obama did not get invited.

Obama has continually snubbed the Royals and the Prime Minister. Michelle committed a major etiquette faux pax when she put her arm around the Queen. Breaching protocol is no way to respect your hostess.

All that blatant disrespect finally got its come-uppance – and oh, what a come-uppance it is! The biggest wedding in decades, and The One’s not invited! My hat’s off to Prince William for being man enough to withhold an undeserved invitation.

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  1. Haha! Hannah, I really, really love this post!!! Its so informative, well-researched, and funny! This made me laugh and also appreciate the wedding more. I stayed up and watched it when it was airing live… but now I know more about the important details 😉