Who I voted for in the SC primary (and why I’m mad as all get-out about it)

Gingrich and Paul

Let me say in starting that this is the most ridiculous, disasterous, ill-advised and mishandled primary I’ve ever seen. In response to the criminal mismanagement in Washington we’ve seen a huge wave of popular indignation directed toward government in general, and YET we’re on the brink of nominating more of the same people who caused this problem to start with.

Where are the Jim DeMints and Sarah Palins? Where are the people with unquestionable character and worldviews? Why wouldn’t they run? Why are we falling for the likes of Mitt Romney (who I thought would have no chance after the Obamacare debacle. Silly me.)?


I was never smitten with any of the candidates. I’m not interested in wasting my vote, so I wasn’t voting for Santorum. I don’t think he could win in the general election, and I don’t trust his view of the role of government anyway, especially in light of his questionable voting record.

A reporter asked who I was leaning toward the other night, and I replied that I was leaning against Romney. I still can’t believe that a lot of Republicans are supporting him. So that leaves Gingrich and Paul. I wrote a blog post explaining why I don’t like Gingrich or think he’s the conservative that many seem to think he is.

I have a major love/hate relationship with Paul. I love his integrity and his willingness to do radical things to fix the country. I hate his view on foreign policy and his worldview (note: just because you reach the right conclusions sometimes doesn’t mean your worldview is correct.).

I wavered between Gingrich and Paul literally into the voting booth. I wanted to vote for Paul. Of all the candidates, Iknow he’ll shake up Washington and I think we’re in much more danger from bad fiscal policy than from terrorism.

However, Gingrich is the only one who had a chance at beating Romney in SC. I would love to see Paul win the nomination (if only to send a strong message to the GOP), but he’s not going to win SC. If Romney does, he could be unstoppable after that. So……..*groan* I voted for Gingrich.

And I was pretty upset that I had to do it. I had prayed about it and feel this was God’s direction. I don’t regret the vote, but I do regret being put in the position where I had to do it.

And yes, as I said in an earlier Facebook status, I was pretty mad at the world…at the no-count candidates who want to be somebody…….at the good men and women who wouldn’t run…..at the conservatives who will believe anybody talking a good line…….and perhaps most of all at the Christian leaders who have no idea how to apply God’s Word to society.

So there you have it. May the Lord have mercy on us all.