7 reasons not to support Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

One of the most important things to discern about a candidates is their worldview. Their worldview determines not only how they vote/act/govern, but why. Here are seven indicators of Newt Gingrich’s real worldview that are being largely overlooked.

Reason #1: Compromise

So many people seem to think that Gingrich has what it takes to lead this country back from the brink of disaster. They have a short memory, apparently.

Gingrich was elected Speaker of the House along with a brand-new freshman class, under the banner of the “Contract with America.” They promised to turn the country around with an outstanding legislative agenda…and then the pressure started.

Instead of being the knight in shining armor that draws his sword and leads his troops on in the face of overwhelming odds, Gingrich faltered, then compromised (here’s the whole miserable story).

Do we really think he’s going to do anything differently this time? Are we going to turn back to the General who showed the white feather last time?

Reason #2: Loves Franklin D. Roosevelt

This video says it all:

Really, Gingrich? Not Reagan or Washington or Jefferson? FDR? You should take lessons from an Englishman.

Scripture says “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise.” You show me who a man’s heroes are, and I’ll tell you what kind of man he is.

Reason #3: Reagan era “over”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise after the last reason, but Gingrich has also declared that the Reagan era is over. Rush Limbaugh explains the deadly fallacy in that seemingly innocuous statement better than I could.

I thought we all wanted a president who would do everything he could to keep the Reagan era going….but maybe that was just me.

Reason #4: Environmental ad with Nancy Pelosi

Watch and groan. Good luck coming up with an excuse for this one.

Reason #5: Praised Romneycare in 2006

Apparently we can all be grateful to Obama for showing Gingrich how bad the individual mandate is. When it was Romney’s idea, Gingrich thought it was a good one. How’s that for a brilliant Constitutionalist?

Reason #6: Supported Dede Scozzafava

The New York 23rd District Congressional race of 2009 was a sifter for conservatives vs. RINOs. The conservative candidate was from a third party and was ahead of the liberal Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava.

There was no pragmatic reason for conservatives to support Scozzafava over Hoffman: the latter was ahead in the polls and his conservative credentials were impeccable. However, Gingrich defiantly supported Scozzafava when other high-profile Republicans (Palin, Pawlenty, etc.) were supporting Hoffman. Does that look like loyalty to principle over party?

Reason #7: Refuses to vote for Ron Paul should he win the nomination

Given that kind of party loyalty, the final reason is surprising. If you hang around the establishment republicans at all during primary season, you’ll hear repeated admonitions to vote for the eventual nominee, regardless of who it is. It’s considered the right thing for a party member to do.

Apparently, that only applies if the nominee is run-of-the-mill or a RINO – in other words, the kind a conservative might balk about supporting. Gingrich, at least, has forgotten about that party obligation while contemplating a Ron Paul candidacy and promises not to vote for him should he win the nomination.

I have issues with Ron Paul too, but if I can hold my nose and vote for Romney, I can hold it and vote for Paul. Consistency is a jewel, Mr. Speaker.

Final note: it’s really concerning how many conservatives are blown away by his ideas/solutions/brilliance/debate skills and are giving him a free pass on his record. Isn’t this what the naive liberals did with Obama? We need to be careful to avoid falling for the same thing ourselves.


  1. Amen, sister! We have got to get away from the mentality of whoever sounds the best. Gingrich says some things that really worry me, too, including that the Patriot Act isn’t strong enough. Seriously? He sure likes his shock factor is all I can say.

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