Why The Republican Party Can't Unite

Why the Republican Party Should Not Unite – Yet

The lack of unity in the Republican Party isn’t our biggest problem. The problem is that we are trying to unify when unity is not only damaging, but impossible. Why Isn’t the Formula Working? There are two things that turn a mob into an army: strategy and discipline. Political movements are the same way. If you […]

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What to look for in Lindsey Graham's challenger

What we need in a Graham Challenger

Now that candidates are lining up to challenge Graham in the next primary, it’s time to look for the candidate that we all need to coalesce behind. Here are seven characteristics that an effective challenger for Graham will need. I’ll be posting an analysis of each of the declared candidates based on these characteristics in […]

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Civil War American Revolution

Why the South’s Secession was not the Second American Revolution

Every 4th of July, you’re likely to be wished “Happy Secession Day” by at least one proud Southerner. However, the Confederacy was in direct violation of the Declaration of Independence. You can’t claim your right to self-government under the Declaration for the specific purpose of depriving a whole class of people of their Declaration rights to life, […]

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Roman soldier's helmet

Are you a political barbarian?

Every election cycle, we hear Christian leaders encouraging everyone to throw strategy to the wind and just vote conscience. While that sounds great, this line of reasoning is actually counter-productive to their goals. Let me explain by telling a story. An Illustration From History In 61 AD, a small Roman army was drawn up in […]

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#PrimaryGraham image opposing Lindsey Graham

Two mistakes that could re-elect Lindsey Graham

The day after Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster,  the super-popular hashtag #StandWithRand was joined by another: #PrimaryGraham. That hashtag sums up the rage that’s been building for a long time against Sen. Lindsey Graham. There’s a good chance of getting him out this time if conservatives don’t blow it with the following 2 mistakes. Mistake #1: Running […]

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King Charles I, advocate of the divine right of kings

Primary challengers: good for everyone but incumbent presidents?

It’s bad that we can’t even run, let alone nominate, a decent presidential candidate. It’s bad that conservatives are so willing to fall for sub-par rapscallions masquerading as statesmen. But one of the biggest problems is a major flaw in our party system. And no, I’m not talking about open primaries (we’ll get to that […]

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Gingrich and Paul

Who I voted for in the SC primary (and why I’m mad as all get-out about it)

Let me say in starting that this is the most ridiculous, disasterous, ill-advised and mishandled primary I’ve ever seen. In response to the criminal mismanagement in Washington we’ve seen a huge wave of popular indignation directed toward government in general, and YET we’re on the brink of nominating more of the same people who caused […]

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Newt Gingrich

7 reasons not to support Newt Gingrich

One of the most important things to discern about a candidates is their worldview. Their worldview determines not only how they vote/act/govern, but why. Here are seven indicators of Newt Gingrich’s real worldview that are being largely overlooked. Reason #1: Compromise So many people seem to think that Gingrich has what it takes to lead this country […]

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Angry Birds - a Christian philosophy of entertainment

Guest Post: Christian Philosophy of Entertainment

What does a proper philosophy of entertainment look like, especially for a Christian? Does it mean we can’t play Angry Birds?

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Signing of the Declaration of Independence

An endorsement: a favor to exchange or a good name to guard?

Former Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer endorsed Mike Huckabee in 2008. Mike Huckabee then endorsed Bauer in his next election. Sen. Lindsey Graham vocally supported Sarah Palin as she ran for VP; she then donated to his campaign fund. Mitt Romney endorsed Gov. Nikki Haley in her campaign; now she has just endorsed him for president. […]

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